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Tailgate Touch Pad Switch for VE-VF Commodore Wagon

Tailgate Touch Pad Switch for VE-VF Commodore Wagon


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Introducing the tailgate touch pad switch for the VE-VF Commodore Wagon, a vital component for effortless access to your vehicle's rear compartment. This touchpad offers easy installation and smooth operation, providing a reliable solution for tailgate operation. It perfectly fits your VE-VF Commodore wagon, delivering both functionality and longevity.

The touchpad sends a signal to the tailgate's locking mechanism, allowing it to open or close with a simple touch.

Common issues with the original include:
• Unresponsive touchpad
• Faulty wiring connections
• Weather-related damage
• Wear and tear from frequent use

This replacement part meets high standards, ensuring a quality fit and reliable performance. Designed to meet the specifications of a genuine part, this touch pad switch restores the convenience and functionality of your VE-VF Commodore wagon's tailgate.

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