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OEM Fuel Leak Off Pipe and Sensor suit Ford Territory 2.7 TD V6

OEM Fuel Leak Off Pipe and Sensor suit Ford Territory 2.7 TD V6


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Discover the ultimate solution to your Ford Territory's injector leak-off pipe and sensor issues with our direct replacement part. Specifically designed for all models fitted with the 2.7L V6 Turbo Diesel engine, this part is the answer to your vehicle's needs, eliminating the stress of a malfunctioning component. Say goodbye to faulty or worn-out parts affecting your vehicle's performance; our product ensures your Ford Territory operates at its peak without the necessity for an upgrade.

Our precision-crafted OEM part is engineered to offer flawless compatibility and performance that aligns with the rigorous standards set for your Ford Territory.

Genuine Ford Part Number H27Q9K022DA

Our Part Number H27Q9K022DA-OEM,

We pride ourselves on understanding the hassles of vehicle repairs, which is why we've made the replacement process as seamless and cost-efficient as possible by offering free freight across Australia.

Invest in our replacement injector leak-off pipe and sensor to benefit from a hassle-free repair that restores your Ford Territory's efficiency and reliability.

With our part, trust that your vehicle is equipped to deliver the performance you expect, ensuring peace of mind on every journey.

Let Smart Replacement Parts be your go-to for high-quality, direct replacement parts that keep your vehicle in top condition without the complexity of upgrades.

Trust in our product to bring your Ford Territory back to its optimal performance, backed by the confidence and assurance of using an OEM part designed specifically for your vehicle.

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