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Manual Gear Shift Knob for 5-Speed VS-VT Commodore

Manual Gear Shift Knob for 5-Speed VS-VT Commodore


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This gear shift knob is specifically designed for the 5-speed VS-VT Commodore. Made with high-quality materials, it ensures durability and a comfortable grip for a smooth driving experience. The sleek design not only enhances the interior aesthetics of your vehicle but also provides an ergonomic feel during gear shifts. This part functions by providing a secure and comfortable handle for shifting gears, ensuring precise and effortless control.

Common issues with original knob include:
• Worn-out or damaged knob causing discomfort during gear shifts
• Loose fit resulting in unstable gear changes
• Faded or peeling finish affecting the vehicle's interior look
• Difficulty in gear engagement due to a faulty knob

Our replacement gear shift knob guarantees premium quality and long-lasting performance. It is manufactured to meet OEM standards, ensuring a perfect fit and reliable function. Replace your old or damaged gear shift knob with this high-quality component to restore and enhance your driving experience.

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