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Dana Spicer M86 3.07 Rear Gear Set suit Holden Crewman VY-VZ

Dana Spicer M86 3.07 Rear Gear Set suit Holden Crewman VY-VZ


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Discover the ultimate solution for your Holden Crewman VY-VZ with the Dana Spicer 3.07 Rear Gear Set. This premium gear set is the perfect choice for Holden owners looking to replace their vehicle's rear gear with precision-engineered components that promise durability and seamless performance. As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier, Dana Spicer brings reliability and excellence to your doorstep, ensuring your vehicle operates smoothly and efficiently.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Dana Spicer 3.07 Rear Gear Set includes both the crown wheel and pinion, designed to meet the exact specifications of your Holden Crewman VY-VZ. These parts are not just replacements; they are direct upgrades to your vehicle's driveline, providing enhanced stability and longevity. Whether you're navigating the bustling streets of the city or taking on the rugged terrains of the Australian outback, this gear set guarantees a ride that's smoother and more reliable than ever.

Installation is straightforward, with the gear set engineered to fit seamlessly into your Holden Crewman VY-VZ without any modifications. It's an ideal choice for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering a cost-effective way to maintain your vehicle's performance and value. The Dana Spicer 3.07 Rear Gear Set is a testament to quality and precision, ensuring that your vehicle continues to deliver the performance you expect.

By choosing this Dana Spicer product, you're not just getting a replacement part; you're investing in the longevity and efficiency of your vehicle. It's the smart choice for Holden Crewman owners who demand the best in terms of quality, performance, and reliability. Get ready to experience a difference in your driving experience with the Dana Spicer 3.07 Rear Gear Set, the preferred choice for Holden Crewman VY-VZ owners across Australia.

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