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Genuine Rear Lower Control Arm suits Ford Falcon FG & FGX - AR2Z5A649AA

Genuine Rear Lower Control Arm suits Ford Falcon FG & FGX - AR2Z5A649AA


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The Genuine Rear Lower Control Arm, designated with the part number AR2Z5A649AA, is an essential component for any Ford Falcon FG & FGX model owner seeking to maintain the optimal performance and safety of their vehicle. Manufactured with the precision and quality expected from Genuine Ford parts, this control arm ensures your vehicle retains its factory-grade handling and stability.

Perfect for drivers facing issues with their car's alignment, handling, or experiencing uneven tyre wear, the AR2Z5A649AA control arm is a direct replacement for your worn-out or faulty part. Unlike aftermarket options, this genuine part promises compatibility and performance that aligns seamlessly with your Ford Falcon FG & FGX, eliminating the guesswork and potential compatibility issues associated with non-OEM parts.

Crafted from high-quality materials, the Genuine Rear Lower Control Arm is built to withstand the harsh Australian driving conditions, from urban streets to rural roads. Its durability ensures long-term reliability, providing peace of mind that your vehicle is equipped with a component that meets Ford's rigorous standards.

Installing this genuine part not only helps in maintaining the vehicle's manufacturer specifications but also plays a crucial role in preserving its resale value. For those looking to keep their Ford Falcon FG & FGX in top condition, opting for genuine parts like the AR2Z5A649AA is a wise choice.

In summary, the Genuine Rear Lower Control Arm (AR2Z5A649AA) is an indispensable part for maintaining the driving quality and safety of your Ford Falcon FG & FGX. Its direct-fit nature ensures a hassle-free installation, restoring your vehicle's handling and stability to its original state. Trust in Genuine Ford parts to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently.

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